On this page we are featuring club members’ cars that have reached the 100,000 mile mark. If you would like to be featured on this page and proudly display your high mileage car, please email me rich@teslaownersct.com a recent picture of your car. It can be either just your car or you and your car. Please provide year, model and mileage.

2014 Model S 85, 100,000 miles – Alexander Laskin

2018 Model 3, Dual Motor, Long Range, Chrome delete, 134,500 miles – Michele Frankie

2015 Model S 70D, 115,000 miles – Stephen Carr

2015 Model S 90 120,750 miles – Jeff Manning

2013 Model S 85, 185,000 miles – Samir Bhatt

Mar. 2014 Model S85, 213,000 miles. Pic. taken, Summer 2020 – Rich Jordan – Club Lead and Founder


Aug. 2013 Model S85, 265,000 miles, pic. taken in Wyoming – Julius Alexander – Founding member. 

2013 Model S85, 195,000 miles – Josh Kishore

2013 Model S P85, 234,500 miles – William Weiss

2017 Model X 75D, 112,000 miles – Wilmil Garcia

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