Like the Recommended Services page, on this page you will find products that I or fellow members have personally used and recommend. Unless otherwise noted, these products can be found at any auto parts store. The most important thing here is, nothing on this page is here because of a paid endorsement. This page will be updated over time.

This glass cleaner can be found not only at just about any auto parts store, but at your local supermarket. Tesla Service in Milford even uses this.

This is Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax and I have been using this stuff for literally decades. Every car develops a gray film on the paint and is most noticeable on white cars. Using this product on a regular basis will help keep that atmosphere causing gray film at bay and your paint sparkling. Now, I have never had a car with PPF or aftermarket coatings, so I can’t attest to what it does for those cars. This basically cleans the surface of your paint and leaves a coat of wax.

This is Mothers VLR. It is a rubber and vinyl protectant, aka “dressing”. I have been using Mothers’ products for years. This product is water based, which is what you want. Avoid any dressings that are silicone based because those products attract dust and dirt. Any product that says it will leave a glossy appearance, is most likely silicone based. This particular dressing leaves a nice satin appearance.

This is a degreaser but on my Model S and as I have demonstrated on a member’s Model X at a meet up, can be used to clean your tires. Ever notice over time that your tires start turning brown, particularly the rear tires…..? This will take care of that rather quickly. First spray water on your tire, spray this degreaser on the tire, let it sit for about 15 seconds. You should see the brown gunk start to run off. Use a brush to scrub the tire and thoroughly rinse it. One word of caution and it’s not about the product but the color of the bottle. “Super Clean” also makes a wheel cleaner that is also in a purple bottle. Do not buy/use that for your tires. It is an acid based cleaner and will to a degree bleach/lighten the color of your tires. Be sure to grab the bottle that says Degreaser on it.

No particular brand here. Just wanted to show the type of brush I use to scrub the tires with. I also have an identical brush that I dedicate to use for putting a dressing on the tires and the black plastic on the door thresholds.

Again, no particular brand of brush here. This wheel brush is great for getting between the “spokes” of your wheels. It really depends on your particular style of wheel as to what size wheel brush will work best. Cleaning the visible area behind the spokes of your wheels really helps the overall look of your car.

This is another brand that I have been using for years. It is from Griot’s Garage. This started out as an online only outfit, but many of their products can now be found at Auto Zone or Advance Auto. This is their Detailing spray and it is great because unlike many other detailing sprays, this can be used in direct sunlight. If you don’t know what a “detailing spray” is, think of it like Pledge for your paint. It will help get rid of finger prints, water spots and bird “business”. In the instance of bird business, soak the offending spot with this detailing spray and depending on how old it is, let it soak for a couple of minutes. Then with a soft towel, gently wipe it in an upward motion. Birds often end up eating sand/dirt when foraging for food and how shall I put this, it makes its way onto your paint……. 🙂 By using a lot of detailing spray, a soft towel and upward motion you will greatly reduce the chance of scratching your paint.

Here is another Meguiar’s product that I have been using for years. This soap creates nice thick suds. When you wash your car, you want to have lots of suds which acts as a lubricant when you wipe the surface of your car. Be sure to never use dish soap like Dawn to clean your car because dish soap is meant to dissolve grease and it will promptly dissolve the wax on your car. No matter what brand soap you go with, be sure that it is for cars.

Speaking of washing your car, here is what I use. It is a super soft micro-fiber wash mitt, with a clearly stretched out cuff. Avoid using a brush, even if it feels soft to the touch. Soft to the touch on your hand is not the same as soft on your paint. Remember that brush bristles are made of plastic. Unless one buys an expensive boars’ hair brush.

No, this picture isn’t upside down….. This really great idea for a portable table attaches to your steering wheel but requires your steering wheel be turned upside down. This is a highly recommend product by a fellow club member who travels a lot in her car and took this picture. I was shown this by the member and trust me, this is not some flimsy tray. It makes for a great place for your laptop/tablet or your gourmet meal from Burger King…… 🙂 This is item from an online outfit called “Elon Accessories”

“For those with a Model 3 or a Model Y, here is a very nice option to lock, unlock and start your car without the need of your phone or key card. This bracelet is made by a company called CNICK and uses RFID technology. The beads are made of stone and the large circle is made of wood and has the chip in it. You program it just as you would a key card. So should the battery on your phone go dead, wearing this bracelet eliminates the need to reach into your purse to find your key card. It also comes in handy when you need to get into your car and you don’t have your phone or purse near by. If a family member needs to get into the car, instead of handing them your phone, you can just hand them the bracelet. CNICK also makes RFID rings/bands which like the bracelets, are waterproof. My bracelet (photo) has always worked, which I wish I could say about my phone” – Deborah Carr

(These rings and bracelets will work on 2021 and newer Model S and X’s as well)

Here is a picture of the ring that Deborah Carr mentioned in her blurb about her bracelet. This particular ring is made of ebony wood, is very light weight and as you can see has a very nice gloss to it. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be thin and light weight. Admittedly I was expecting it to be a thick, chunky ring and I am glad it is not. If you would like to see this ring and a bracelet in person before ordering one, I will have them at every event. – Rich Jordan

CNICK is offering 15% off to club members on all products on their site. The code is CNICKTOCOFF. To see what they have for both rings and bracelets, go to We also have an exclusively designed club ring and bracelet, which can be seen in the Club Store.

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