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We had lots of fun at Central Connecticut State University showcasing electric vehicles. We the environmental & sustainability programs they have. It’s time to go electric! Photos courtesy of William Cross and Paul Braren.
The EV Club of CT has recently submitted a bill in support of direct sales of electric vehicles in Connecticut. We need everyone’s help to spread the word and support bill SB-127 to get this passed! https://www.cga.ct.gov/2021/TOB/S/PDF/2021SB-00127-R00-SB.PDF
Club members enjoying pizza in the park, in Lakeville. This was at the end of our annual 2020 Fall drive in October, to Lakeville. Near perfectly still pond providing just as nearly perfect reflection.
Very unique Model 3. Only a couple of these exist, right Deb……….?
This was taken at Fox Hill Tower in Vernon, during our Spring drive.
Yet another Supercharger is opened! In club tradition, we commemorated it with a meetup.
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